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Faith iT Ministries feedback from our customers

Faith iT Ministries - Pastor David Lamb David John Lamb Ministries (Pastor David)

George and Faith iT Ministries have done an excellent job. George is my Director of Media and is a visionary. Thank you George for all your hard work and what you are doing.

Faith iT Ministries - Pastor Sam Evans Mundondo Pastor Sam Evans Mundondo

This is exactly what I have been praying for and looking for. I tried to do it myself and it was terrible. What George has done is amazing and an answer to prayer.

Faith iT Ministries - Pastor Mary Mukutuma Pastor Mary Mukutuma

I have been recording for a TV station and George has helped me with that and has provided amazing, excellent service. His videos are of very good quality and he also does his best to make sure they are edited in a timely manner. It is also very amazing when you look at how amazing how he gives you guidance as you prepare to record. Even hints and tips on how best to put together, just one message or with a series. He’s just amazing. He’s got amazing skills. He has got good people skills as well. And it is an absolute pleasure working with him. And I really recommend him. So, if you are thinking of recording and getting someone to process all of those ideas, he is the person.