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Faith iT is the brain child of George Elliott, a man of God, who has dedicated his life to empowering people to use their talents to the best of their ability.  George is the head of media at Ashford Christian Fellowship, Ashford, Kent.  A former bank manager, housing manager and analyst for an international bank. George is putting all his years of experience into helping people in establishing their work and message to the nations. 

Originally Faith iT specialised in support for IT services in the early part of the decade.  George also continued to build his photography portfolio through his photography; creating fabulous photos of loved ones at all events.  He specialised in weddings and portraits as he has a big heart for people and seeing the results of hard work.  However, Faith IT didn’t seem to be going in the direction he had hoped.  Through his faith, he decided to change the emphasis to Faith iT (IT stood for Information Technology and now, just it).  Making the emphasis:

Through Faith, iT will happen

George decided to take Faith iT in a new direction.  To offer Preachers, men and women of God, singers, musicians and anyone who has a Christian or non-controversial message, teaching or business that they would like to advertise to the world.  George’s goal is to help people to establish their work that would be sensitive to his faith.


Faith iT are in the business in helping people to reach out to the nations with their ideas. Whether you are a dancer, in the medical field, a teacher, student a preacher or you have an idea that you would like to establish, we can help you. We do this by offering:

- Our expertise in video production, recording, editing and publishing high quality video work.
- Creating and managing websites at affordable prices.
- Audio recordings in their studio in Ashford, Kent.
- Maximising the potential of social media platforms; Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, to name but a few.
- All at an affordable and cost effective rate.

So, why not make the next step by by clicking HERE and sharing with us how we can help you.